Albania on the road: from Tirana to Saranda with stages and tips

If there is one thing that I always recommend to all those who tell me they want to organize a holiday in Albania, it is to take an itinerant trip . Because living Albania on the road allows you to discover its true beauty and realize this country – as small as an Italian region – is actually rich in nuances, with landscapes, architecture and even cuisines that are very different from one area to another. other.

So today I propose a new road trip to the Land of Eagles, perhaps the most classic itinerary in Albania: from Tirana to Saranda , then from north to south of the country, with advice and curiosities for each stage.

Albania on the road from Tirana to Saranda: Gjirokaster

Albania on the road: how many days

How many days do you need for an itinerary in Albania from Tirana to Saranda? The question has only one answer: it depends! In the Land of Eagles you could stay a few days, perhaps passing through Greece, as well as twenty, for an in-depth tour without ever getting bored.

This is because if you love the sea and go there in the summer, Albania will conquer you and make you fall in love with its beaches. But cities like Gjirokaster and archaeological sites like Butrint are beautiful to visit all year round, plus Albanian cuisine is a great reason to go! In conclusion: dedicate at least a week to an itinerant trip in Albania from north to south (and if you have 10 available… better!).

Itinerary in Albania from Tirana to Saranda: stages and organization

Here are the stops for this road trip in Albania from Tirana to Saranda . For each stage you will find some information and then an in-depth link so you can read all the details necessary to organize, the result of our (many) trips to the country. But if you don’t have time for it – or you don’t like organization! – I also point out an Italian tour operator operating in Albania: Brain and Heart which we have already told you about.

To check the program and prices of the itinerant trip from Tirana to Ksamil proposed by them, follow the link. We with them have designed (and tested) a trip to the north of Albania (click on the link to find out more!) And, in addition to the knowledge of the country, what we appreciated most is the passion that this tour operator puts into its own work. The trips offered are both in groups and individuals, with car rental included, and at this link you will also find the trip to Albania on the road.

So are you ready to go? But, I recommend, if you are organizing an on the road in Albania do not forget the guide (follow the link!).

  1. Tirana
  2. Valona and Passo del Llogara
  3. Dhermi and Himare
  4. Saranda
  5. Gjirokaster
  6. Durres


Albania on the road from Tirana to Saranda: Tirana city

On the road in Albania

Below you will find, step by step, the information to organize a trip to Albania on the road from Tirana to Saranda.


The first stop on this itinerant journey in Albania from north to south is the capital, Tirana . If you arrive in the Land of Eagles by plane, the stop will be a must but do not think that it is “only” an obligation. Rather! Over the years, the Albanian capital has managed to become more and more interesting for tourists, with an offer of museums but also of highly respectable bars, restaurants and night clubs.

If you want to know more read this post on what to see in Tirana (but I tell you not to miss The House of Leaves!). To sleep in the capital we recommend ” The Rooms Hotel “. This Tirana boutique hotel is located very close to the center and offers large rooms as well as a spa and wellness center.

Valona and the Llogara Pass

From Tirana, set off to reach the south of Albania: your final destination will be the sea but first there are at least two stops you have to make ! The first is Vlora , the first capital of the country and the place where the independence of Albania was proclaimed. The second is the Passo del Llogara , a mountain pass that will give you splendid views, fresh and wonderful cuisine (remember to order the lamb and yogurt!).

Click on the links to find out more about what to see in Vlore and the Llogara Pass and if you have time sleep at the Llogara Tourist Village , which is truly a gem, especially if you are traveling with your family! However, if you have little time, go down what is one of the most scenic roads in Europe to finally get to Himare .

Dhermi and Himare

If Dhermi is one of the most famous places on the Albanian Riviera (here the link with all the information) it is in Himare , still quiet and less known, which I recommend you to aim for to stop during your on the road trip in Albania. Here you can spend at least a couple of days, visiting beaches like Jale and Llaman but also ancient ruins, canyons and forgotten villages. To sleep I suggest you to see if there is availability at the Scala Bungalow which offers mini wooden bungalows among the olive trees and a beautiful view.

Albania on the road from Tirana to Saranda: Himare


Nightlife, trendy restaurants, clubs, beautiful beaches and many (but many!) Young people. These are just some of the reasons to visit Saranda – the others can be found by following the link! – also called “the White City” which is one of the most famous locations on the Albanian Riviera.

Obviously, however, you don’t have to stop here because there are many day trips to do from Saranda: visit Syri i Kalter or the Blue Eye, go to the Archaeological Park of Butrint and dive into the wonderful sea in one of the small beaches of Ksamil . All information can be found by following the links. To sleep in the city instead take a look at the Sunny Apartment , in a strategic position and with a beautiful sea view.


Before returning to the north of the country, enter one last stop on your on the road in Albania, stopping in the museum city of Gjirokastra : beautiful and full of history. Here the dictator Hoxha was born and here you cannot fail to visit the underground bunker to fully understand the madness of the Regime.

To find out more, follow the link with all the details on what to see in Gjirokaster and to sleep try to look for the Hotel Argjiro which is located right in the center, convenient for visiting the city and with a private parking.


Your on the road in Albania is about to end but before returning to Italy, stop in Durres . In Durres you can admire the most beautiful sunsets in the country and its promenade is crowded with people who enjoy the promenade and the colors of the sky that is reflected in the sea. Seeing is believing, among other things, here are some restaurants that prepare excellent Italian cuisine, perfect for those who feel homesick!

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