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I have already told you why in my opinion it is worth organizing a trip to Albania with children . So if you are convinced to leave today I try to give you some advice to organize your family trip. In this article you will find useful information but also some destinations to visit in the Land of Eagles together with the little ones, then, where possible, also the links with the insights.

Premise : a holiday in Albania does not only mean sea, on the contrary. This country is truly full of fascinating destinations, all to be discovered together with little travelers, including mountains for trekking and immense lakes. You will not find (for now!) Large amusement parks but certainly there will be castles, nature, animals and things to discover. So get ready because it will be a great vacation! Then for ease this post is organized as a small guide, just click on the titles to go to the section of your interest.

  1. Guides and books on Albania for children
  2. Must see in Albania with children
  3. Sleeping in Albania with children
  4. How to move around Albania with children

Don’t leave without an Albania family guide

Durres seafront - holiday in Albania with children

How to organize a family trip to Albania: guides and books

Let’s start with the practical organization: I advise you not to leave without an Albania travel guide . If you are thinking of a road trip with children in Albania, this guide contains various itineraries and practical information for traveling to the Land of Eagles as a family.

As for the books on Albania to take with you, you will find a long list by following the link to the post. Here I simply recommend a couple of books dedicated to Albanian mythology and the tales of the Land of the Eagles to involve your children in the journey.

In Saranda with children - walk along the seafront of Saranda in Albania
In Saranda with children – walk along the seafront of Saranda in Albania

What to see in Albania with children

The Land of Eagles is not yet so equipped for families: to understand us during a trip to Albania with children you will not find playgrounds at every corner ! However, there are castles, forests, wild animals and a wonderful sea that make this country wonderful for a trip with the little ones.

Having said that, here are some things to see in Albania with children: for each stage you will find the reason to go there and an in-depth analysis with the link to the dedicated article.


Talking about Tirana with children seems strange but in truth the capital is one of the most family cities in the country. Here do not miss the playground in via delle cherries, the funfair, the zoo and the Science Museum.

All the information can be found by following the link in the dedicated article, if you go there in the summer (hot in the city) consider sleeping outside, on Mount Dajti (this hotel on Mount Dajti is very nice).


Another unexpectedly family city is the most important port in the Land of Eagles. The seafront of Durres will be irresistible for the little ones and not far from the city there are also some of the best equipped beaches for families. Warning: the sea here is certainly not the most beautiful sea in Albania to go to! If this is what you are looking for, you must head south, but certainly the beaches around the city are well equipped and perfect for families too.

To sleep I recommend this apartment right on the beach of Shkembi i Kavajes and also in this case you will find all the details about the area by following the link of the article dedicated to Durres with children.


The ancient Lake Ohrid is an alternative destination to live with the family, with beaches and small villages. Here do not miss Drilon, a nature reserve made especially for children and if you want to visit a city, go to Korca .

To sleep in Pogradec try to check Camping Lin (outside the city, with apartments with a splendid view of the lake but without access to the beach) and the Hotel Victoria with private beach. If you want to know more about a holiday in Pogradec with children follow the link.


In Shkodra there is another lake, this time to the east of the country, and it is another destination to see during a holiday in Albania with children. In its waters you can swim and the lake can be explored by bicycle or boat as well as on foot. Here you will also find a castle with a very particular legend, that of Rozafa!

To sleep in a special, very family-friendly place, there is this glamping right on the shores of the lake, while to find out more about what to do in the surrounding area, read the dedicated article.


This is probably the best known destination for those looking for information for a family holiday in Albania. The sea ​​of ​​Ksamil is suitable for younger children as there are small sandy beaches (it is reported!) And all are equipped with shallow and transparent water. In general, the beaches of southern Albania are a very popular destination for families.

To sleep, check the Baci Apartments or the Holiday Home Ksamil , other information can be found in the link dedicated to visiting Ksamil with children but if you are in the area do not forget to visit Butrint , one of the most beautiful archaeological parks in Albania to see also with children .


Another destination in the south of Albania is the White City. Saranda is often chosen by young people for its nightlife but if during your family trip to Albania you want a more worldly destination with restaurants, markets, shops and luna pak the waterfront will not disappoint you.

To sleep, try to check the availability of the Sunny Apartments which is located in a convenient location but out of the confusion while more information on living Saranda with children can be found by following the link.

NOTE Obviously there is much more to see in Albania with children , but these are some of the most family-friendly stops in the Land of Eagles. Scattered around the blog you will find many tips resulting from our family travels while a guide dedicated to families can be found at this link.

Where to sleep in Albania with children

There are still few family hotels and family villages in Albania . For this reason, many families who visit Albania with children decide to rent an apartment, a choice that allows them to be independent and manage the needs of the little ones. For the above destinations we have indicated the accommodations tested with also the links for reservations.

In the country you will find signs saying “Dhoma me qera ” everywhere but if you want to be on the safe side (especially in high season) I recommend you book on sites like Booking and read the reviews very well because in the Land of Eagles things change very quickly. If you need advice on how to book with Booking at best using filters and other useful functions, follow the link to the in-depth article.

In Albania with children - Admiring infinity from the Castle of Porto Palermo

How to move around Albania with children

The best way to visit Albania is by car, if you are with children this is even more true, since the Albanian railway system is practically non-existent and the buses do not connect all the cities (different speech for vans but they are more expensive) . You can rent it locally or choose to arrive directly in Albania by car from Italy (by ferry or along the Balkans) but in which case make sure that your RC covers the Land of Eagles, otherwise you will have to take out insurance (at the ports and border you will find the employees of the companies). For car rental, you should move in advance and compare prices on comparison portals such as Rentalcars .

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