Amusement parks in Albania for children

Today we are talking about Albanian amusement parks with a premise: they are new realities in the area (in some cases very new!) A sign of how much this country is changing quickly to adapt to tourist flows and their requests. So don’t expect Disneyland but if you are a fan of this kind of entertainment there are places to go with the kids to spend a few hours of fun .

Attention, if I know well that I always say that in the Land of Eagles you go for the beauty of nature, for the splendid sea and for history. I can confirm this, eh, but the truth is also that… there are amusement parks in Albania! đź™‚ There are – and are emerging – season after season, along with tourism which continues to increase. Today I’ll tell you some of them for a stop or for a family day.

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Durres seafront photo amusement parks in Albania with children

Rides in Durres: amusement park on the seafront

The rides on the Durres seafront were a surprise. Why would you expect real rides (even of a certain size and number) right on a boulevard that runs along the sea? Yet when the promenade was redone, they too appeared, making the “struscio” irresistible even for children.

You don’t pay for admission of course – the attractions are right on the seafront – but they are a must-see for the little ones if you are in Durres with children . But go there at sunset also because before it is really too hot and everything is closed.

Adventure Park at Mount Dajti in Tirana

Del Monte Dajti , the balcony of Tirana, I already told you: it’s a very relaxing place, with different activities to do even for small, fine restaurants, amusement parks and greenery. At the top there is an adventure park surrounded by nature, the Dajt Adventure Park , for children (but not only children) who want to test themselves with the paths among the trees.

This amusement park in Tirana was recently opened and is part of a project that is transforming this area of ​​the city. For more information and timetables check the official website of the Dajt Adventure Park .

Luna Park in Saranda on the seafront

The Saranda seafront is another of the most popular destinations for those in southern Albania with children. Here you will find restaurants, clubs, shops, playgrounds and even a small funfair perfect for a fun evening with the little ones.

You cannot miss it: it is located in the direction of the port (the one opposite to Ksamil) and it is one more reason to enjoy an evening of “rubbing” at the sea of Saranda with the children .

Aulona Luna Parc amusement park in Vlore

In Valona (Vlore in Albanian) there is this small funfair called Aulona Luna Parc . There are restaurants and bars as well as a few rides like bumper cars and train (a bit dated) and inflatables.

Suitable for younger children , the prices are low and it’s good to spend a different evening but keep in mind not all the games are in good condition (however, since things change very quickly in Albania, check!).

AquaPark Albania Blue Magic Water the water park near Tirana

This Albanian water park is located about 30 minutes from the center of Tirana: we haven’t been there yet but they reported it to us as really well organized and considering how hot it can be in Tirana in the summer I share it with you anyway.

It is located along the highway that connects Tirana to Durres, there are swimming pools, slides, umbrellas and entertainment for the little ones. I have not found the official website of Aqua Park Albania but they have an updated Instagram page (follow the link for the info).

Rruga and Qershive or “The Cherry Road” playground in Tirana

The last place to go to in Albania to have fun with children that I point out is not a real amusement park or a water park but a shady stop in the capital . Inside the large city park there is this recently built playground in excellent condition and with many games available for children.

A place not to be missed if you go to Tirana with children in the summer when the city ​​is really hot and the little ones want to play a little.

The advice on amusement parks in Albania ends here. If you have found useful our tips share them and drop a comment below.

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