Visiting Lake Ohrid and Pogradec | With Children

If you are planning a trip to Albania with children, probably one of the reasons is the sea. Quite right? Because the beaches of the Albanian Riviera with destinations like Ksamil are super popular for families. What if I told you instead that a destination to see in Albania for children is Lake Ohrid with the city of Pogradec?

A must-see destination in Albania is Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest lakes in the world …

I know well, the lake does not have the same charm as the crystal clear waters of the Albanian sea. Yet I’m not talking about just any lake. I speak of Lake Ohrid – one of the oldest on Earth . This alone would be worth the visit but if we add that the lake is suitable for swimming, with equipped sandy beaches and hot water, it suddenly becomes an interesting destination during a holiday in Albania with children.

Don’t you think?

NOTE : if you are organizing the trip, do not leave without a guide of the Land of Eagles , there are not many on the market in Italian but this guide of Albania is designed specifically for families who want to go on a road trip.

Here, if I have intrigued you – and if you are planning a trip to Albania – below you will find the information to go to Pogradec with children and visit Lake Ohrid and in the post also the links for further information.

  1. Lake Ohrid in Albania
  2. A must see in Pogradec for children
  3. What to see on Lake Orhid with children
  4. Where to sleep on Lake Ohrid as a family
Pogradec beach on Lake Orhid with children

Lake Ohrid in Albania with children

Lake Ohrid is located in southeastern Albania , divided between the Land of Eagles and Macedonia. It is the oldest lake in Europe and also one of the oldest on Earth that you will hear called Lake Ohrid (from the name of the most important Macedonian city that is located on its shores) and Lake Pogradec (the city that is instead on the Albanian shores of the lake). The fauna of this lake is very particular and only here lives the Koran fish which is one of the oldest fish species in the world and is also an Albanian specialty to be tasted absolutely.

But the beauty of this Albanian lake is that its waters are warm and suitable for bathing , which is why you will find many beaches in Pogradec but also in the nearby villages and this, if you wish, will allow us to spend a holiday at Lake Ohrid with children, made of sun. , dives and games. In the area there are also many excellent tourist facilities , which will allow you, if you wish, to enjoy the trip with all the comforts.

A must see in Pogradec for children

Pogradec is the most famous city on the Albanian shore of Lake Ohrid . It is a popular tourist resort especially for the inhabitants of Tirana which is, surprisingly, also very family . The lakeside of Pogradec is in fact pedestrianized and here you will find games and rides, as well as sellers of sweets and balloons.

Also on the Pogradec lakefront for children there is an equipped beach where the little ones can play while the parents are dedicated to the arduous task of spending a few hours relaxing in the sun 😉 Obviously, there are also boats that, with variable rates, can take you on the Ohrid lake tour!

swan in the Drilon Reserve in Albania
The Drilon reserve in Pogradec – lake Orhid – Drilon

What to see on Lake Orhid with children

One of the reasons many travelers go to Lake Orid in Albania are the fishing villages that lie on its shores and the ancient Tombs of the Illyrian Kings in Selca . Tushemisht is perhaps the most famous of these villages, not far from Pogradec, with many restaurants, hotels and even an equipped beach. Lin, on the other hand, is smaller, even less touristy and it is the first you will meet coming from Elbasan.

But one destination that you must see on Lake Ohrid with children is the Drilon Nature Reserve . This park, now frequented by families and many tourists, was once reserved for the Dictator Hoxha who had a house here still visible today. In Drilon with the children you can go on boat rides, see swans, ducks and other animals, play and even have lunch in the on-site restaurants to try the local specialty, the koran fish with walnuts cooked in the casserole. Some of Drilon’s restaurants, such as Bar Restorant Egnis , also have a games room, to the delight of the little ones.

Where to sleep on Lake Ohrid

There are so many structures in the area that are also suitable for families . We stayed at Camping Lin which has a great lake view with apartments and rooms but does not have access to the beach. In Tushemisht you will also find hotels on the beach while we found a very nice structure in Pogradec, about 2 kilometers from the center, with a private beach and directly on the lake (it is called Hotel Victoria ).

Our tips for visiting Pogradec and Lake Ohrid with children during a holiday in Albania end here. In the blog you will find many stories related to our travels in the land of the Eagles, some can be found linked in this post but if you are organizing a family departure, do not leave without a paper guide ( follow the link ). Then for more information contact us on our Facebook page, on Instagram or on YouTube, we will be happy to help you if possible.

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