Prespa lake in Albania: what to see and what to do in the National Park

Prespa Lake – or rather Prespa Lakes – is located not far from the large Ohrid Lake. It is another fascinating lake basin divided between Greece, Macedonia and Albania of those to visit if on your itinerary in Albania you want to get off the usual tourist routes and meet a truer face of the country.

I have specified lakes because in reality the Prespa lake is actually formed by two lakes divided by a thin tongue of land: the Small lake of Prespa which is almost entirely in Greece and the Great lake of Prespa , whose underground emissary flows into in nearby Lake Ohrid. Here you will encounter landscapes that are still very rural and very little tourist so if this is what you are looking for during your trip to Albania do not miss it!

NOTE : below you will find some information to visit Lake Prespa, in my opinion, however, a trip to Albania cannot be organized only by relying on travel blogs. Using a paper guide is useful for planning your trip, of course, but above all it will allow you to learn more about the country that has an intricate and very ancient history. Among the guides on the market, in addition to the usual Lonely Planet , I would like to point out this guide by GDV with different itineraries on the road and that of Polaris very detailed for the historical part. Follow the links to find out more.

Prespa Lake and Prespa National Park

Lake Prespa is a National Park of about 30,000 hectares and is famous for its birdlife, in particular for the marsh birds that nest there including the lesser shag, the lesser white-fronted goose and the curly pelican, found only here . However, the creation of a cross-border park that goes beyond national borders has recently begun.

What to see at Prespa lake in Albania

On the shores of the lake there are some small rural villages all with double names and the whole area is a little known natural treasure but of captivating beauty. The lake is suitable for bathing from the village of Liqenas it is possible to rent a boat to get to the island of Maligrad (also called the Island of the Snakes). 

Stop in the center of the village, there you will find, as well as a beautiful church, a very popular bar where you can ask for information for an available boatman. 

On the island of Maligrad there is a 14th century Orthodox church, recognized as a Cultural Monument of Albania. To visit it you will have to ask the caretaker but the church is known for the Byzantine style mural icons both inside and outside the building.

Near the village of Kallamas / Tuminac , there is the Church of Sveta Marenë also declared a Cultural Monument.


Prespa lake pictures Albania

How to reach Prespa lake

The Albanian city closest to Prespa lake is Korca or Corizza, an amazing town called “the Paris of Albania”. From there you reach the lake on a well-signposted road in good condition . If you want, you can then continue and visit the villages with a very scenic coastal road.

What to see near Lake Prespa

The city that absolutely deserves a visit near Lake Prespa is Corizza or Korca , about which I have written extensively also talking about its surroundings (if you want to know more, follow the link). In an on the road, Lake Pogradec and Voscopoja deserve , even of these Albanian destinations I have spoken in abundance so if you like follow the links.

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