Renting a car in Albania: tips and costs

Here we are with a very practical post on how to rent a car in Albania . But let’s make a premise: obviously the Land of Eagles can also be reached by land or by sea without the need to rent a car. However, if you choose to arrive by plane and make an itinerary in Albania on the road, the most comfortable way to get around is certainly the car.

NOTE : We have visited the country many times, on several occasions we have chosen to rent a car at Tirana Airport , so as to be able to move freely in the Land of Eagles without having to take the ferry or having to cross all the Balkans.

So here are all our tips on car rental in Albania , tested by us on various trips to the Land of Eagles.

  1. Things to know to rent a car in Albania
  2. Most reliable car rental companies in Albania
  3. Rent a car in Albania low-cost
  4. Costs to rent a car in Albania
  5. Rent a car in Albania at the airport or in the city


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itinerary for a trip to Albania - The site of Apollonia near Fier
Rent a car in Albania – The site of Apollonia near Fier

Good to know to rent a car in Albania

First of all, we know that you are asking yourself a question: do you have to rent a car to make a road trip in Albania?

 , or rather, yes 😉 The reason is simple: rail transport in Albania is practically non-existent , buses do not cover all routes, vans, more capillary, are more expensive and to reach certain places and certain beaches the only way it’s the car. This means that the rental, if you want to go on the road and maybe you are more than one person or are traveling with children, is the cheapest and most comfortable solution.

Having clarified this doubt, here are the things to know to rent a car in Albania :

  • Age to rent a car in Albania: the minimum age is 18 but some agencies ask for 21. Also it is necessary to have obtained the driving license for at least 2 years. The same is true for the additional driver (if you want to enter it).
  • Driving license in Albania: the Italian B license is sufficient, obviously valid.
  • Credit card and payment methods for the rental in Albania: to collect your car you will need to show a non-prepaid international credit card in the name of the main driver.
  • Rental insurance coverage: obviously depends on the company and affects the cost. If you plan to have a full cover with no deductible, it’s best if you have a problem.
  • Fuel for rented cars in Albania: pay attention to what they tell you when picking up the vehicle, many ask for the “full / full” or rather withdraw the car with a full tank and return it in the same way. However, we have had some fabulous combinations such as “two notches – two notches”, especially with small hirers. Be very clear on this point with the attendant.
  • Rental in advance or on site: every time we landed at Tirana airport at night the rental counters were closed, except for those who already had reservations. So be careful.
  • Pick-up and delivery times: you must indicate this in advance, as always for car rentals.
  • Where to rent a car in Albania: be careful where you plan to rent a car in Albania because there are not (yet) many branches – as the rental offices are called – in the country. In Tirana and at the airport you will have no problems but for other rental points do the search for the office first.

Reliable car rental companies in Albania

We have rented with different operators, some small clubs and other big brands. We have never had problems – except in one case, with a dispute relating to the cleanliness which was then managed without damage – but the cars of the small renters are – from experience – older, scratched and with several kilometers . If you prefer not to have trouble and if you are among those who have no problem spending a little more in the face of greater convenience, we therefore recommend that you check the main rental companies (click on the links to find out more about the costs!):

  • Sixt : German company, always reliable, we rented in Albania and Montenegro without any problems;
  • Europcar : French company, we have used it mainly in France without problems.

There are other rental companies in Albania but we have reported those that we know and think are reliable, by clicking on the links you can make a simulation of the costs.

Rent a car at low cost in Albania

If you do not fall into the above category, we tell you to rest assured. Small renters’ cars will not be freshly polished but they work well  – Albanians have a talent for engines! – and they certainly cost less . The only advice we give you is to check the condition of the car well (eg large dents, scratches, breakages, etc.) by reporting them on the appropriate sheet and, if necessary, photographing the damage so as not to have problems with delivery. Then also clarify the issue of cleaning, whether it is due or not.

To find the best rental offers in Albania, we suggest you check a price comparison portal to check costs and availability. Among the portals we have used and we recommend these three, follow the link for a simulation:

  • Rentalcars : always reliable and very competitive, used a lot, even in Albania;
  • AutoEurope : used to rent a car in Albania and Greece, reliable and with interesting costs even if a little higher;
  • Car Rental : Used in other international rentals, not in Albania. But give us a look by following the link to check the costs in the Land of Eagles.

Better to rent a car at Tirana airport or in the city?

There is simply no “best” but if you plan to stay a few days in the capital it will cost you less to rent a car for your on the road in Albania in the city. This is because at the Tirana airport you will pay a little more but also because you won’t need a car in the city, so you will “earn” a few days of rental.

If you decide to rent a car in Tirana you can reach the city either by bus or by private transfer (follow the link to make a simulation of costs). The bus is cheap (but beware of arrivals at night) but the transfer also has no crazy costs, especially if you are more than one person.

What kind of car to rent in Albania

Normally you just need a small car , since most of the Albanian roads are in fair condition (and many are rebuilding). However, if you are thinking of an itinerary in the north of Albania that will touch Thethi and Lake Koman I suggest you book a car that is high enough because dirt roads abound.

Our tips for renting a car in Albania end here. If this article was useful to you, share it and follow us on facebook, Instagram and YouTube to find out more about our travels in Albania and beyond. Obviously scattered around the blog you will find many other tips for a holiday in Albania with even the most beautiful itineraries (follow the link for the details!) But if you need a hand leave us a comment here!

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