Mount Dajti, the Balcony of Tirana and the National Park in Albania

Among the things to do in Tirana in summer there is certainly the ascent to Mount Dajti , also called the Balcony of Tirana. But in reality this location a few kilometers from the Albanian capital is much more than a simple lookout but one of the beautiful national parks of the Land of Eagles.

So let’s start with the tips for visiting Mount Dajti, and if you are looking for a guide to Tirana I recommend Morellini’s. If you want to go on the road then I would like to point out this guide to Albania with itineraries and maps and that of Polaris, rich in historical and cultural information.

Mount Dajti National Park in Tirana

The National Park of Mount Dajti – Albanian Parku Kombëtar the Malit tė Dajt or Parku Kombëtar the DAJTIT – is located less than 30 kilometers east of the capital. It is one of the great green lungs of Albania: the park has an area of ​​30 thousand hectares, with suggestive sceneries in the Albanian mountains.

Mount Dajti is very popular with citizens – as well as tourists – because it is considered the “Natural Balcony of Tirana” and in fact one of the reasons to go there is to see the panorama of Tirana from above and take beautiful photographs of the city. But not only! But be careful: if you will stay in Tirana only for one day, I recommend you do this excursion unless you have already visited the city because the capital of Albania deserves some time!

The National Park consists of Mount Dajti, Mount Priska to the south and the Brari mountain range to the north. Mount Priska reaches a height of 1353 while Mount Dajti reaches 1613 meters and the park offers beautiful coniferous forests, beech forests and mountain landscapes with wild flowers. Many animals also live in the park, including some protected mammals: among the animals that can be seen there are wild boars, the Eurasian wolf, the red fox, the European hare, brown bears and wild cats.

The meadows of Mount Dajti the Balcony of Tirana
The meadows of Mount Dajti the Balcony of Tirana

Trekking in the Park of Mount Dajti

In addition to the famous “balcony of Tirana”, now well known also by tourists, the park offers many attractions for outdoor enthusiasts but also for history. Traces of prehistoric settlements and fortifications from past eras have been discovered in the area while along the Erzeni River there are the Pellumbas Cave, the Erzeni Canyon and the Peshkashesh Dam. Then there are other natural attractions such as the Shengjini waterfall (Ujvara and Shengjinit) near the village of Shëngjergj and the area of ​​Mali me Gropa-Biza-Martaneshi, a protected area with mountain meadows, forests and water sources.

Among the things you can do at Mount Dajti there are therefore trekking even if the paths are not always well marked. There are some tour operators that organize multi-day treks in Albania including the Mount Dajti National Park, if you want to know more follow the link.

To Monte Dajti with children

A trip to Mount Dajti is a great idea for families who plan to visit Tirana with children. Two things children will enjoy are horseback riding – even if the animals are not always well kept! – the large playground which is located behind the restaurant right on the balcony of Tirana and the Dajti Adventure Park.

The latter is a brand new adventure park in Tirana designed for children aged 5 and over. The routes have different degrees of difficulty including ropes, nets and zip-lines. The trails of the Dajti Adventure Park for adults reach a height of 10 meters and are suitable for the bravest!

Where to eat and sleep on Mount Dajti

Along the way to Mount Dajti you will find many characteristic restaurants to eat in the forest, we were not hungry and we did not stop on the way but it was a shame (but also a reason to return!). We then ate instead at the most panoramic restaurant on Mount Dajti the Ballkoni Dajtit , finding ourselves well (perhaps a little expensive but it is the restaurant with the best view).

In the park you will also find several hotels to stay al fresco , an interesting alternative if you are planning to visit Tirana in the summer, when the heat in the city can be stifling. On the way up we stopped to see the Hotel Panorama Dajt which is truly in a stunning location, take a look at prices and availability if you are planning your trip to Albania.

How to get to Mount Dajti

Most tourists go up to the Balcony of Mount Dajti with the Dajti Express cable car, which at 4.5 kilometers is the longest in the Balkans, and, starting from the eastern outskirts of Tirana, it takes you to the area of ​​Fusha and Dajti at 1050 meters of altitude in about 15 minutes.

You can get to the cable car by car but also by bus departing from the bus station in the center of Tirana. However, there is also a narrow paved mountain road that leads to the top of Mount Dajti, dotted with excellent restaurants where you can taste in particular meat and vegetable dishes and sources of drinking water.

The tips for visiting Mount Dajti are over, if you are looking for more information to see Tirana with children follow the link with all the details while if you have found our tips useful, share them in the comments below.

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