The Blue Eye in Albania: Must Read before Visiting

The Blue Eye in Albania – also known as Blue Eye or, in Albanian, Syri i Kaltër – is a spring located in the south of the country not far from the beaches of Saranda and the beautiful city of Gjirokaster.

The water temperature is a constant 10 degrees, so if the heat of the Albanian summer makes itself felt too much, our advice is to head towards the Albanian Blue Eye to cool off. It will be a regenerating dive full of mystery.

Blue Eye Source: do not leave without a guide from Albania

  1. The source of the Blue Eye in Albania
  2. The legend of Syri i Kalter
  3. On-site services: restaurants and hotels in Syri i Kalter
  4. How to get to the Blue Eye in Albania
  5. At the Blue Eye with children
  6. When to go to Syri i Kalter

The Blue Eye, the mysterious source

Syri i Kaltër, this is the name of this popular tourist destination in Albania, is a karst spring whose depth from which crystal clear and drinkable water gushes is still unknown . The name of this Albanian attraction, also known as Blue Eye Spring, derives from the fact that the center of the spring, with its dark blue color, resembles a pupil, while the surroundings, lighter and blue, resemble an iris.

It is a Vauclusian spring – that is, a spring from which the waters flow under pressure in counter-slope and from considerable depth – originating from a cave. To discover its mysteries, the divers went down to fifty meters but at the moment it is not yet known what the actual depth of this karst hole is even if the hypotheses say at least 100 meters.

Surrounded by thick vegetation, the source of the Blue Eye is an Albanian natural monument that surprises visitors by showing a luxuriant and unexpected face of the country, especially to those who come from the beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera .

Albania - Siri y Kalter - The source of the blue eye near Saranda
Albania – Siri y Kalter – The source of the blue eye near Saranda

The legend of the origin of Syri i Kaltër

There is also a legend that tells of this Albanian blue spring . According to tradition, a long time ago there was a wind so strong that it even shook the bottom of the sea and from there came a huge snake. The giant snake ate animals and spoiled farmers’ crops, so one day an elder came up with a plan to get rid of it: with a donkey loaded with easily flammable material he headed towards the snake and set fire to the flammable product above the animal.

The giant snake ate the donkey with its burning load on it and started to burn from within. Burning the reptile he screamed: “ Where are you sea that you gave me into the world? And you river who are my brother where are you? “. After his cry of pain the animal lay down dying. Hearing the call of the sea that the river rushed to its rescue but could not save the snake that in its agony continued to beat its tail on the mountain wall leaving the marks that are seen today in Syri i Kaltër.

Since that day, however, the mountain, the river and the sea are linked and the legend claims that it is the sea that pushes the water that flows from the source of Syri i Kaltër.

Instead, the name Blue Eye apparently originated in the 1950s when they began to study the source. Also in this case there is a small legend that says that the name of Syri i Kaltër was given by an engineer who had a wife with blue eyes and saw his partner in the spring.

Albania - Siri y Kalter - The source of the blue eye near Saranda
Albania – Siri y Kalter – The source of the blue eye near Saranda

Where to eat and where to sleep near the Blue Eye in Albania

On site you will find bars and restaurants: look for the one near the waterfall that has tables built on a balustrade above the water and serves traditional Albanian dishes, such as roast lamb and grilled fish but avoid the peak times when it can really be taken in. assault by tourists.

Tourists usually visit Syri i Kaltër in a day but there are some budget hotels in the area. One of them is Syri Kalter Kompleksi Turistik. An alternative is to stay in Saranda and reach the source by car or bus: a hotel in Saranda that we recommend is the Sunny Apartment , in a good location and with a sea view.

What to do at the Source of the Blue Eye near Saranda

The favorite activity of tourists to do at the Blue Eye is to cool off as the spring is located in a green park. The bravest jump from the balustrade and emerge from the blue depths of the small lake formed by the spring. It is also possible to swim in the river but the temperature of the water – always freezing as it remains around 10 degrees – discourages the most chilly.

Many take advantage of the trip to take a walk in the oak and chestnut woods or to have a picnic in the dedicated area. You will then see some tourists throw stones into the center of the spring to see them pushed up to the surface after a while. Here nature is an indisputable sovereign and with its most fervent imagination, over the course of time it has

Albania - Siri y Kalter - The source of the blue eye near Saranda
Albania – Siri y Kalter – The source of the blue eye near Saranda

How to get to Syri i Kaltër

The Albanian Blue Eye is located in the Delvine district , in the small village of Mullina, on the western slopes of Mount Mali i Gjerë. The park of the Sorgente Occhio Blu is well indicated: you will have to pay little entrance to the bridge and then continue along a dirt road. There is no real parking, you will have to leave your car in the spaces along the roadway and then continue on foot.

To get to Syri i Kaltër from Gjirokastra by car it will take you just under an hour, the road is in excellent condition but winding. From Saranda to the Blue Eye the distance is instead of 18 kilometers while it is 34 kilometers from Ksamil . There are buses connecting the city of Saranda with Gjirokastra which will drop you off on the main road approximately (this is the only way to reach this tourist destination if you don’t have a car).

For more information, we recommend purchasing a guide this guide to Albania is well detailed with itineraries also in the south of the country) and a map of Albanian roads .

Go to the source of the Blue Eye with children in Albania

If you decide to go to Syri i Kaltër with the children, be prepared to take a bath because, for some strange reason, they will not be cold. Or rather, they will not be discouraged by the freezing temperature of the water, only to have the chills afterwards! 😉 So equip yourself with rock shoes because the seabed is stony and don’t forget a change and a towel. The source is very deep so if your children don’t know how to swim, equip yourself with a life jacket.

When to go to Syri i Kaltër

The summer months are the busiest ones but, especially in August, you may find a crowd of people visiting the Blue Eye. for this reason it is much better to arrive early in the morning and return after lunch.

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