The Llogara Pass and the National Park of Albania

Have you ever heard of the road that leads to the Llogara Pass in Albania? Overlooking the Gulf of Vlora, in a dominant and scenic position, this winding road that climbs towards the Llogara Pass from Saranda is one of the most panoramic in all of Albania, whether you travel southwards, therefore coming from Valona towards Saranda , which towards the north, then towards Tirana .

However, the Llogara Pass is not only the gateway to the Albanian Riviera , made up of beaches with crystal clear waters and forgotten villages. Here is one of the most beautiful Albanian parks, which deserves a stay of a few days within a trip to Albania.

And for this reason, in fact, at the Llogara Pass you will also find many tourists, especially Albanians on vacation, who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this mountain resort a few steps from the sea, among dense pine forests, fresh wind and excellent cuisine.

Passo del Llogara: do not leave without a guide from Albania

  1. The Llogara National Park
  2. What to do in Passo Llogara
  3. Pass Llogara with children
  4. The surroundings of the Llogara Pass
Climb to the Llogara Pass in southern Albania
Climb to the Llogara Pass in southern Albania

Passo di Llogara and the National Park

The road that leads to the Llogara Pass (Qafa and Llogarasë in Albanian) is a winding road that climbs to over a thousand meters of altitude and overlooks the Ionian coast of the Albanian Riviera. The Pass is the highest point on the coastal road that connects Vlora to Saranda, the SH-8, but also the most spectacular because the view from the top of Llogara is itself worth the trip.

Until 2009 the road leading to the Llogara Pass was narrow and not in good condition but today, thanks to the large investment that Albania is making in tourism, the road surface is well asphalted even if in winter the chains or tires snow are a must.

The Llogara Pass is located in the middle of the Cerauni mountain range that starts from the Karaburun Peninsula and rises more and more going towards the south, reaching 2,044 meters above sea level at its highest point .

Once this mountain range isolated this part of the Albanian coast from the rest of Albania but today this is no longer the case and today the Llogara Pass has entered in all respects among the tourist attractions of Albania , especially for lovers of trekking and of good food.

What to eat in Albania: the yogurt of the Llogara National Park
What to eat in Albania: the yogurt of the Llogara National Park

What to do in the Llogara National Park

Today, tourists choose the Llogara National Park to do extreme activities such as paragliding , landing on the Palase beach below, but also to relax in the shade of the trees that symbolize this national park, the flag pines or go for long hikes. .

In fact, on the hot days of the Albanian summer, many colors decide to stay at the Llogara Pass to enjoy the cool climate, trekking through the park’s paths. Just coming from Vlora you will find a tourist office with some maps of the park and staff to ask for information to organize your walks.

At the top of the Llogara Pass you will also find hotels and tourist villages that are very well organized for children , as well as restaurants with play areas for the little ones. And just a stop at the restaurant is one of the things that we recommend you not to miss during your trip since at Llogara you could taste three of the Albanian specialties: yogurt with honey, lamb meat (Harapash) and mountain tea .

If you decide to take a few days in the Llogara National Park you will find a thousand hectares of pine and fir forests waiting for you, where over one hundred species of birds and many other animals live. Inside the park there are routes of varying difficulty, from beginners to experts and you can see the “Pine Flag” or the Flag Pines, pine trees whose trunks are bent in the shape of a flag by the force of the wind, which have become a symbol of Park. Furthermore, Julius Caesar decided to camp his legions at the Llogara Pass, after having landed in Palasë on the Albanian Riviera.

Road to the Llogara National Park in southern Albania
Road to the Llogara National Park in southern Albania

The Llogara Pass with children

One of the reasons to stop at the Llogara pass with children is the possibility for the little ones to meet the fawns and feed them. Among the structures that you will find at step one, the Llogara Tourist Village , is particularly equipped for families. You will not struggle to find it, just follow the large signs with fawns.

If you are traveling with small children in Albania, stop at this village for at least one night, it will be a relaxing break, away from the heat and completely immersed in mountain nature.

The most beautiful beaches in Albania - The beautiful, but slightly windy, Palase beach
The most beautiful beaches in Albania – The beautiful, but slightly windy, Palase beach

What to do near the Llogara Pass

If the Llogara National Park is in all respects a perfect destination for a mountain holiday in southern Albania, we cannot forget that a few minutes by car from the Pass are some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Albania . Here are some useful tips for visiting the surroundings, for more information we point out three useful guides: this guide of Albania offers different itineraries with advice and curiosities, this guide of Tirana is mainly focused on the capital and its surroundings while this guide is detailed for historical and cultural information.

Palasë and the beach of Caesar

The very long beach of Palasë is the first thing you will see, heading from Llogara towards the Albanian Riviera. Although it would be more correct to say that this beach in southern Albania will be your mirage while, curve after curve, you will descend lower and lower, a lighthouse made of white and blue and the promise of a dip in the wonderful sea of ​​the Albanian Riviera .

Although a huge tourist complex has been built in recent years, Palasë beach is still very beautiful, made of white pebbles and a blue sea beaten by the wind. Among other things, it was on this beach, starting from Brindisi, that Julius Caesar landed with his soldiers, avoiding Pompeo’s fleet that patrolled the Karaburun Peninsula and then going up the Llogara pass.

Here you will find ample parking lots and some bars to stop for a while, enjoying the first approach to the sea of ​​the Albanian Riviera. Of course, you could also decide to stop for a few days and make Palasë your first stop on a trip to southern Albania.

The beaches of Dhermi and Drymades the most VIP of the Albanian southern sea resorts

About 20 kilometers from the Llogara Pass, Dhermi is a perfect location if you want to dive into the sea of ​​Albania but also to enjoy its nightlife. In fact, the beautiful beaches of Dhermi and Drymades enchant – and attract – tourists from all over the world even if the resort has become more and more VIP over the years.

Despite this, the town certainly deserves a stop on the road from Valona to Saranda. And if you want to be amazed and breathe some of the scents of authentic Albania, go up to the old village of Dhermi, you will be conquered.

The Karaburun Peninsula

Coming down from the Llogara Pass you will find the beautiful Karaburun Peninsula , with its legendary beaches. The beaches of the Karaburun Peninsula can be reached practically only by boat with excursions that depart from Vlora but the small Orikum is a pleasant town where you can spend a few days by the sea.

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