What to see near Korca the surroundings of Corizza

Korca is one of the cities that most stupid us in the Albanian hinterland, so after having dedicated an article to an itinerary in south-eastern Albania and one to the City of Beer (follow the links to read them both!) Today we will tell you better what to see around Corizza.

The City of Beer is a good base for touring the area , pushing you to Lake Ohrid where the Selca Tombs and Pogradec are also located . But if you have little time to see near Korca there are Moscopoli ( Voskopojë in Albanian), mountain villages and Prespa lake . Below is some information for each of these destinations but as always we advise you not to leave without an Albanian tourist guide because a holiday in this country deserves a further study. We then point out the structure where we slept in Korca, which rents comfortable and spacious apartments, just outside the center ( Bujtina Leon Apartment ).

  1. To see near Korca: the churches of Moscopoli
  2. The mountain villages near Corizza
  3. The Presa lake to see around Korce
To see near Korca the frescoes of the churches of Voscopoja

To see near Korca: Moscopoli

Today Moscopoli is a fraction of Coriza in Albania but in the past it was one of the largest cities in the Balkans, standing out for its numerous and beautiful frescoed churches. Today this small mountain village is located 20 kilometers west of Corizza surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Morava. The churches of Voscopoja to see are the Church of San Nicola , the Church of Santa Maria , the Church of San Atanasio , that of San Michele , the church of S. Elia and the Monastery of San Giovanni Battista .

We have dedicated an entire post to the beautiful churches of Moscopoli so if you have time we advise you not to lose them (and we leave you the link).

The mountain villages around Corizza

For trekking lovers it is then possible to dedicate a few days to exploring some mountain villages that are located around Korça such as Dardha and Vithkuqi.

Dardha is located 20 kilometers from the city at an altitude of 1,344 meters above sea level. The destination is famous for its cool summers, hiking and winter sports. In the village there are several springs including the Uji i qelbur , used as a healing water for stomach and kidney disorders.

Vithkuqi is instead located on top of a hill 25 kilometers from Korça and its highest point reaches 1,750 meters of altitude. The village is known by climbing lovers but also for the cold water of Bellovoda , known as “White Water” for its richness in mineral salts. Nearby you can visit the Monastery of San Pietro , with its frescoes, the Tomb of Babtiz and the Artificial Basin of Gjanci .

To see near Corizza in Albania: the Prespa lake

A day trip from Korca: Prespa Lake

Not far from Corizza, in the south-east of Albania, there is a fascinating lake basin: Lake Prespa divided between Greece, Macedonia and Albania. They are actually two lakes separated by a thin strip of land: the Little Prespa lake which is almost entirely in Greece and the Great Prespa lake , whose underground outlet flows into the nearby Ohrid lake.

Prespa Lake is a National Park and is famous for its birdlife, particularly the marsh birds that nest there including the lesser shag, lesser white-fronted goose and the curly pelican, which is found only here. However, the creation of a cross-border park that goes beyond national borders has recently begun.

On the shores of the lake there are some small rural villages all with double names and the whole area is a little known natural treasure. The lake is suitable for bathing from the village of Liqenas it is possible to rent a boat to get to the island of Maligrad (also called the Island of the Snakes). Stop in the center of the village, there you will find, as well as a beautiful church, a very popular bar where you can ask for information for an available boatman. 

On the island of Maligrad there is a 14th century Orthodox church, recognized as a Cultural Monument of Albania. To visit it you will have to ask the caretaker but the church is known for the Byzantine style mural icons both inside and outside the building. Near the village of Kallamas / Tuminac, instead, there is the Church of Sveta Marenë also declared a Cultural Monument.

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